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18 June 2011 @ 10:38 am
Just spent a good hour and a half reading Steven Moffat's Twitter, stalking a girl from my government class on google, and not much else, really. An extremely productive use of time in the Law Library while Danny does his final exam and I ignore the fact I have one coming up. I like to live dangerously.

I just de-friended a few journals, mostly because I don't get on here very often anymore, and when I do "quickly" is the operative word. I'll be friend-locking this entry in a couple of days, so if you haven't seen it by then, no harm done. I hope you continue to have a great time with everything and I'll never forget all the Harry Potter / Doctor Who dorking that it is likely, at some point, we shared.
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19 February 2011 @ 11:01 pm
So, the dilemma: Media Politics (Government) or American Foundations (American Studies/History) The way the Media and Communications degree works means I only get one elected unit for semester one other than french, and then only french as an elective in semester two. So I could do both, and no french, and then do some cool government subjects in semester two, and no french. But at the moment I have french and I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it. We'll see how I feel after I've slept on it and maybe got some feedback.

GOVT2603 - Media Politics
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - 6 credit points
Domestic Fee: $3,090
International Fee: $3,420

Classes: 1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week commencing week 2
Assessment: 2000wd essays (2x45%) and 1x in-class quiz (10%)

This unit is primarily about news, its production, contents and impacts. It will examine the special demands of different news organisations and of reporting different news areas; the news media as an arena in political conflicts and the consequent interests and strategies of various groups in affecting news content; and the impacts of news on political processes and relationships. Our primary focus is on Australia, but there is some comparison with other affluent liberal democracies. The substantive areas the course will focus on include election reporting, scandals and the reporting of war and terrorism.

+ contributes to a govt major, possibly honours
+ relevant to the society in which I live on a large scale. V. useul in understanding the way in which the media manipulates the public during election times and through the media available.
+ I like the way govt is taught
+ means I only have to go Monday/Wednesday, which leaves Tuesday/Thursday/Friday(afternoon) free.
+ very little assessments. Two 2,000 word essays are a cinch, and an in class test? Awesome. That means two spread out essays and an easy test.

- doing too many media subjects? I have to to two next semester, compulsory. Give it a rest?
- Australian studies irk me. But you know, get over it. Learn the secrets of what they're doing. I did, if in the area of government, want to get into international studies though (all the good ones are offered next semester)
- May not relate well with govt subjects in the future.
- only offered in Semester 1 (meaning I definitely have to choose now)

Department and Major/Honours InformationCollapse )

AMST2601 - American Foundations
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - 6 credit points
Domestic Fee: $2,790
International Fee: $3,300

Classes: 2x1-hr lectures/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week
Assessment: 1x1000wd close-reading exercise (15%), 1x2000wd essay (45%), 1x1500wd take-home exam (30%) and tutorial participation (10%)

This unit introduces students to the contradictory richness of 'Americanness' from an interdisciplinary standpoint and prepares them for the Major in American Studies. It is divided into different modules, each addressing a core national myth. We will approach each module from a variety of angles: historiographical, literary and visual, opening lines of interrelation between historical and imaginary forms in the construction and ongoing redefinition of the United States. In 2011 this unit will include a module that involves collaboration with students and staff at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

+ ties in with government/international studies of Aust-US relations, US-world relations
+ the major comprises of a variety of subjects to study, including peace and conflict studies, history, US-related govt subjects and english (US historical/political literature) which could be quite fun, if US relations is what I decide to look at
+ gap year in the US, I would assume (this would take precedence over a French major/French exchange)
+ the myths look like they could be fun
+ solid major set up
+ fun break from french and media and government for at least one semester

- I'm not sure I want to do an american studies major, I got bullied into it a little bit after I suggested it at enrolment
- how useful is it going to be? is it too closed in?
- what relevance does this have to my media degree other than media = medium for expressing opinions learned in this major
- only have to go Monday and Wednesday if I work my timetable right

Department and Major/Honours InformationCollapse )

If I was to drop French and do both of these, it would mean:

+ I don't have to choose
- (I kind of want to choose)
- wouldn't be learning a language
+ I was sick of reading my french novel by the end
- still kind of loved learning french and what I could do with it.
- wouldn't be able to take the second unit in semester two
+ that space would be open for interesting government and international relations subjects (either US Studies, Peace Conflict, GOVT &c. Another choice would have to be made)

The fact that Danny is maybe learning French and we'll be able to learn/talk/study together is a little comforting, too. Buddy system.

12 January 2011 @ 10:05 am



I don't have a huge issue with people I don't know reading my thoughts, but I'd at least like to maintain some sort of connection with the people I do allow insight into what's happening with me. Although it's mainly the same ol' same ol', it's nice to put a userpic to a username, rather than leave myself defenceless to the lurkers.

If you find that you can't see my entries anymore, it's because
- I've neglected to notice a post in which you're like "Hey, don't delete me I'm just changing my name!"
- We don't really talk anymore (even in my head, I'm a bit of a lurker)
- You haven't updated in forever (because I can't invent stuff happening in your life, I can just observe from the sidelines on my iPhone)

Quickly, I am:

Nineteen, twenty this year (!). I live in Sydney, Australia, and I'm pretty happy about that fact. I'm at the University of Sydney, which feeds my not-so-secret nerdy love of sandstone architecture, which might date back to the adolescent Harry Potter obsession that brought me close to a lot of wonderful people around the world. These days I mainly hang out with and keep up with really close friends, quality over quantity. I like to be busy, which isn't hard when I study and train full-time for the heptathlon. I'm making it my plan to wear the Australian colours at least once, if not twice or three times in the next five years. I've got a wonderful boyfriend, a three-cup-a-day addiction to tea (mainly black) and I still live at home. I'm awful at cleaning, and probably wouldn't if it wasn't for the allergy-prone other half. I think it's catching.

I'm the author on elizabethflew, so if you've found me through there, I'm more than happy to add you. Just leave a comment so it doesn't go unnoticed and hopefully, we'll get on in a dandy fashion.
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I admit, I had to do something to make this assessment less scary. So I invited the Doctor into my French dialogue! Seriously though, I am so scared. So, so, so scared. I can't remember all those words! AHHHHHH! sous la coupe, le dialogue. Aidez-moi s'il vous plaît!Collapse ) Seriously, I am so scared. I need your help! If you can speak french, please le me know what you think.
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26 May 2010 @ 05:53 pm

A good day, in short. (La bien jour, en court?)

A picture of the autumn leaves mixed with the sodden union propaganda of the week as I walked down Eastern Avenue to the station. It was so pretty!

Today was all about French. I have my mega-finale French examen a demain, so today was the final day to ask questions before my 9am tute, meaning I had to get up at 6:20 (I could narrate my day right down to the left over beef goulash for breakfast, or the Twix dipped in hot chocolate for lunch, but I'll refrain as of now).

Stupid rain. Sydney winters are rainy. I got off at the station with pretty fluffy hair and then arrivé à l'université soaking wet. It didn't get any better all day, I grew accustomed to my clothing being ten shades darker. Skipped history lecture again, there's seriously no point. Tutorials are just discussions about the answers to questions in the textbook we all bought. All the assessments could be done without once turning up to class - except you have to, 80% of the time. Fail.

In any case, last English lectures and tutorial today! Je suis triste, truly. I'll miss thy class, and that tutor! It feels like the end of high school all over again. Apparently, this is what it's like every three months. Thank god for Danny and Claire who, unexpectedly, despite being in my orientation group didn't end up in my classes.

Alors, nous (deux étudiants et moi) avons étudié français pour quatre heures. Eugh. (I am sorry about the French, I'm just typing this as quickly as possible and I'm still thinking in what comparatively little French I understand. It's probably annoying, but it's definitely a reflection of my state, and sudden understanding of passé composé et l'imparfait. Phew.)

Waited for the security bus & it shut in my face, so I got to walk & talk for quinze minuits with two random girls, one a first year Lib Arts & Sci, the other third year Social Work. Exchanged details, and then I caught the most awesome express train of awesome that ever passed through the station of Redfern.

Hopefully it's not raining when I get home and ma mère faisait les legume pour dîne.

Seriously, my frame of mind is ridiculous right now. Packed train, elbows in people's crotches and an inadvertent viewing of a Touch Of Frost on the man-next-to-me's netbook. I almost wish I could sleep, but alas I am perched in the middle. I massacred my earphones somehow, one of them was just eviscerated of all essential audio bits and then... They just disappeared. Fate is trying to make me study government readings, but I'm cheating because, in studying French, I saved battery for the journey. So hah.

Bon soir, mes amies! (Because you're aaaaaalll girls, except for cardiffwizard, but he's sporadically present, so I'm not changing it to amis >.>

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25 May 2010 @ 02:27 pm
You know you're probably reaching the end of your ability to study French coherantly when you typo "Doctir Who" and think, "Ooh, an -ir verbe! Time to conjugate - is it a passé, infinitif or présent?" This was a picture I took on Friday afternoon after submitting my history essay. I realised I'm a part of the city now. I walk around with a tired purpose on a friday afternoon as the sun goes down. I'm a Sydney citizen, not just someone who catches an awful lot of trains.

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17 May 2010 @ 11:10 am

I thought I would just post some pictures I took when I went into a random toilet. I know, a little icky, but funny all the same:

They walk around without shoes on and play hacky-sac on the sunken lawns. They live in the local hipster area and live off ramen as a result.

More Harry Potter specific ones under le cut.Collapse )

And now on to my description for French. Is anyone able to help me check the fluency of my scenarios? Hopefully I can post them tonight. Ahhh le orale examen dans deux semaines!

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02 May 2010 @ 06:51 pm

I often look at myself in the reflection on the train. There's no one next to me, I clutch my phone or loosley hold my book. More often than not I'm relaxed in my seat, my shoulders forward. My hair falls over my cheekbones and lies on my back, my neck bent in concentration beneath the mane of strawberry blonde.

I can see the world passing by in the dark, lights and company logos, familiar sights. There's a funny panic, sometimes, when I'm happily absorbed in my book or notes, and the geography warns me of the end of the journey.

But sometimes, I'm just glad to be at home and about to engross myself in The Doctor.

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27 April 2010 @ 05:40 pm

After waking up with an MSG headache after ANZAC day, I vowed together back on track after my week and a bit of bludgibg after nationals. Zsuzsa has this penchant for us eating raw foods, which goes down well with me - I just need to remember to take them to uni and stay away from my wallet. I failed on that respect today (such tasty looking spinach tortellini!) but did eat my capsiacum.. In government.

This pepper has more spark than my lecturer.Collapse )

Just 20 minutes left, and then I get to go to a VIP function with The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges & the ed of Women's Health. Just 20 minutes. Oh! Ad 35% off spending spree at Adidas. WIN.

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So in gymnastics...

Sorry about the crotch shot!

I'm sitting at the station on the way home & they're bleeding. Nice. Whack a tea bag on it!

Ooh, and, I had lunch with Clancy today! Rather, he ate and I drank water because I was full - I hope that wasn't too "zomg must be skinny!" ah well. Love me for who I am!

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